New Skills For New Punks

New Skills For New Punks

Author: Hound. Used with kind permission.

Animal Handling

The individual with this skill is experienced in dealing with and controlling animals. He or she can direct and train animals in guard or huinting duties and can control and ride beasts of burden and riding animals. All skill difficulties are reduced by the animal’s intelligence.

  • to make a trained animal follow a simple command (10)
  • to ride a trained animal at a gallop (15)
  • to shepherd a flock of sheep (12)
  • to train a hunting/guard animal (20)
  • to break a wild horse (25)

Berserker (anti-cool based, x2 cost)

This is a special ability that is taken by some rare members of various booster gangs and some nomad warriors. It is the raw ability to go unhinged in combat, ignoring damage and fear and rushing in for the kill. To go berserk requires a roll HIGHER than (COOL +2 – Berserk) which can be made every round in combat, or even when insulted or highly irritated. Characters who are berserk gain half their berserker level on all stun saves, and one third on all death saves. They also gain +2 to hit and damage in hand-to-hand combat. Berserkers must make an average (15+) awareness check to notice when the fight is over or they may well turn on their friends or nearby innocents (something which is encouraged by many gangs).

BodyArt (Tech based)

This skill covers several forms of non-cybernetic body-modification as well as being useable for the implanting of a very select collection of fashionware (light tattoos, fashion nails). This is a catch-all ability covering body piercing (placing metal rings through the flesh), tattooing (pushing pigments below the skin of the recipient to provide permanent designs), body painting (using paints and pigmens to change the appearance of the skin), minor implants (fashion implants, or other implant cyberware at the GMs approval,
requiring a very difficult roll since this skill does not specifically include that training), branding (burning the skin / flesh to provide a permanent marking) and scarification (cutting the skin to provide scars in a predesigned pattern).

Carousing (Cool based)

The ability to have a good time at a party or other social occasion, and to make sure others around you also have a good time. This normally involves a mixture of eating, drinking and good cheer. It can also be used to determine how entertaining and popular the character is at a party or event.

Combat Engineering (Int based, 3x cost)

The individual with this skill has had a degree of practical training in combat engineering. This involves the rapid construction of field fortifications, fortification camouflage, and the assessment of a fortification’s ability to withstand enemy fire or explosives. Combat engineering also involves mine placement and clearance and placement of untended ground sensors and defensive arrays. Combat Engineering does NOT include the use and placement of explosives (as covered by Demolitions) but can be used instead of demolitions to determine the optimal placement of explosive devices to collapse a structure at one difficulty level easier.

Communications Tech (Tech based)

This is the skill for using, implementing, setting up and patching into advanced communications equipment and systems. At it’s basics (+2) it gives an understanding of telephone and computer networking, (+4) closed radio (land line and laser based) systems, and at high levels (+6) it allows for patching into and even (+8) pirating satellite transmitted feeds. This skill also includes understanding why a communications deveice is not working properly as well as being aware of the details and limitations on the
device’s possible use.

Cooking (Tech based)

This individual is experienced in the preparations of foodstuffs in an enjoyable and appealing manner. This skill is rarely seen outside of restaurants and hotels in 2020, and is often only found in subsumed in the Steward skill presented below. With this skill the character knows how to make balanced meals (+1), cook standard american fare (+2), cook elegant meals (+4) and even can make kibble look (+5) or taste (+7) edible.

Forensics (Int based, 2x cost)

The individual is skilled at gathering and interpreting evidence at the scene of a crime or accident. Special forensics equipment is sometimes needed. The character learns to look for fresh blood splatters and footprints (+2), fingerprinting techniques (+4), fiber and hair sampling (+5) and DNA sampling techniques (+7).

Gaming (Int based)

Also known as “dice-chuckin'” or “card-floppin'”, this is the skill of playing or running an effective role-playing game, card game, war game, etc. This skill is purely for entertainment value, and rarely becomes useful in game play.

Genetics (Tech based)

The individual is trained in the science of organisms. Genetics is a combination of biology and chemistry, and training in Biochem or Biotech (a double cost skill) is considered to include basic Genetics training in addition. Geneticists can determine the species and physical details of a tissue sample (the latter only if it’s a well-cataloged species) as well as being able to modify and splice genes. All of these abilities are dependent on access to an advanced lab.

Linguistics (Int based, 2x cost)

This skill denotes the understanding of languages and language families, not the actual comprehension of other languages.
Characters with Linguistics can:

  • Understand something spoken in a dialect of a language they know (average)
  • Understand something explained slowly in a language in the same family as one they know (difficult)
  • Identify the family of a language being spoken (routine)
  • Identify the exact language being spoken (average)
  • Manufacture a new language (very difficult)
  • Make themselves understood using simple communication skills (average)
  • Communicate detailed information as above (difficult)

Lip Reading (Int based)

This is the ability to understand speech without hearing it, just by watching mouth movements. Though you will not pick up on every word, you can usually figure out the gist of a sentence without too much trouble. You can lip read:

  • Person talking slowly and clearly or in a very loud environment (dif 7)
  • Person talking fairly slowly, or in ideal circumstances (routine)
  • Most circumstances with full concentration (average)
  • Bad conditions (bad light, long distance, pretending not to be watching) (difficult)

Recruiting (Emp/Int based)

The character is familiar with the more effective means of approaching individuals and presenting proposals for employment, couched in terms most likely to produce acceptance. Recruiting affects both the quality and quantity of recruits who will respond to a request for application. Recruiting can obtain nonplayer character hirelings with skills suited for specific tasks, while Leadership and Charismatic Leadership tend to attract indiscriminately all within the range of the character’s personality, skilled or otherwise.

Steward (Emp/Int based, 2x cost)

The individual is experienced and capable in the care and feeding of passengers and guests. This represnets a general knowledge of cooking, personal care and attention and other areas of experience which will make passengers, guests, crew and employees happy and content with their stay or passage.

Tactics (Int based, x2 cost)

This skill is the special ability of most military carreer characters, and is the ability to coordinate and take part in group actions to form functional cover fire, spotting, evasion and coordinating firezones, entrapment maneuvers, etc. In game terms, a group that has some means of communication can pool all their (Tactics-2) levels together, and characters can take points out of this pool as bonuses on their rolls for this turn (a maximum of their tactics level +2 can be used from the pool each turn, and the character must have tactics at +2 or better to access the pool at all) until the pool is empty. The pool refills at the beginning of each combat round.
Once this skill reaches level 6 or higher, it also functions as a reduced version of Authority, usually at half level (when the character is in uniform), but at full level in appropriate emergency situations (military-aided relief efforts, warzones, etc).

3 thoughts on “New Skills For New Punks”

  1. Hallo zusammen,
    Hello together.

    my english is not so good and so in answer in German and english.
    mein Englisch wei�Ÿt L�¼cken auf deshalb die zweisprachige Fassung.

    Animal Handling
    In einem weitgehend urbanen Cyberpunksystem halte ich diesen Skill f�¼r �¼berfl�¼ssig.
    In a normal urban Cyberpunkgame you don`t need Animal Handling. In my view it is useless.

    Berserker (anti-cool based, x2 cost)
    Den Effekt k�¶nnte man auch �¼ber Kampfdrogen oder Cyberware erreichen von da aus auch hier keine Notwendigkeit.
    I think combat drugs or cyberware are better alternatives.

    BodyArt (Tech based)
    Es gibt den Skill Kosmetik der problemlos genutzt werden kann.
    It gives personal grooming.

    Carousing (Cool based)
    Ich denke Show oder eine entsprechende Spezialfertigkeit w�¤ren passender.
    Perform or a special abilitie a better.

    Combat Engineering (Int based, 3x cost)
    Communications Tech (Tech based)
    Die Techskills benÃ?¶tigen eine Ã?Å?berarbeitung.
    Communications Tech (Tech based)halte ich auch f�¼r einen sinnvollen Skill. Ich w�¼rde hier auch direkt das normale Funken mit abdecken.
    Combat Engineering (Int based, 3x cost) geht aus meiner Sicht in die falsche Richtung. Denn der Skill Ã?¼berschneidet sich mit Verkleiden und Sprengstofftechnik ohne wirklich neues zu bieten. Der Bau von Befestigungsanlagen ist meiner Erfahrung nach eher selten ein Abenteuerbestandteil. FÃ?¼r militÃ?¤rische Kampagnen ist der Skill eine Ã?Å?berlegung wert.

    The tech skills need a reconstruction.
    Communications Tech is a step in the right direction. The practical operation from radio and other communication equipment can integrate in these skill.
    But when you not play a military campagen you can use disguise or demolition instead of Combat Engineering.
    I think you not need a special skill for field fortification in a normal game.

    Cooking (Tech based)
    Der Experte: Kochen tuts auch ohne Skillaufweitung.
    Expert: Cooking and not a other skill.

    Forensics (Int based, 2x cost)
    Den Skill finde ich vern�¼nftig. Allerdings spielen die Cops bei mir auch eine gr�¶�Ÿere Rolle.
    Ansonsten t�¤t es auch der entsprechende Experte.
    I playing in the moment a campagne with a cop and so i find the skill fine. But normaly you need the Expert: Forensic and not a other skill.

    Gaming (Int based)
    Wo ist der Unterschied zum Skill Gl�¼cksspiel?
    Where is the different to Gamble?

    Genetics (Tech based)
    Es gibt Biologie, Zoologie und Botanik. Ohne ein Konstruktionssystem f�¼r Bakterien und Viren macht dieser Skill keinen Sinn.
    It gives biology, zoology and botanic. Without a construction system for bacterias and viruses there is no need for the skill genetics.

    Linguistics (Int based, 2x cost)
    Kann man wohl besser �¼ber eine Erweiterung der Sprachskills regeln.
    It is better to make a homerule for Linguistic.

    Lip Reading (Int based)
    Reicht Wahrnehmen da nicht aus? Ansonstens ehe ich da auch MÃ?¶glichkeiten die “Ã?Å?bersetzung” per cyberware erledigen zu lassen, etwa als optische Option.
    You can use Awarness / Notice. You can also create a special translation cyberware – a optical option?

    Recruiting (Emp/Int based)
    Es gibt Menschenf�¼hrung das den gleichen Bereich abdeckt.
    I think leadership, human perception , social and perform a good alternatives for a new skill.

    Steward (Emp/Int based, 2x cost)
    Bin ich mit Benehmen, Einsch�¤tzen und Experte: Arbeitsort nicht besser bedient?
    Social, human perception and Expert: Place of Working a the skills you need for a steward. I think its a good alternative for a special skill.

    Tactics (Int based, x2 cost)
    Experte Taktik sollte es au�Ÿerhalb einer milit�¤rischen Kampagne auch tun.
    The Expert: Tactics when you not playing a military campagne.

    Gru�Ÿ Jochen
    Greetings Jochen

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