PillBoyz – A Cyberpunk 2020 Gang


Author: Ghostlord <The_Ghost_Lord@hotmail.com> of The Cyberpunk Revolution (no link, site long gone).

These poor suckers are sooo… outta their league. They are under heavy fire from the Night Stalkers and are being pushed right into BloodRazor turf. The gang was dealt a serious blow when the Night Stalkers grenaded the top leadership (hence the low threat rating). It is only a matter of time till these dorpers cease to exist.

Threat Level:D Threat Code:E3D
Tag: Green And Red Pill
Colors: Cheap Synth-leather Jacket with Pill on back
Average Member: Int 4, Ref 5, Tech 5, CL 6, Attr 4, MA 5, Body 5, Luck 3, Emp 5
Skills: Locate Drug 5, Stealth 3, Brawl 6, Handgun 2, SMG 3.
Cyberware: None.

Please have a look at Ocelot’s Gang Creation Chart on how to create even more gangs.

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