Blackhands Bruisers – A Cyberpunk 2020 Gang

Blackhands Bruisers – a Cyberpunk 2020 gang

Author: Ghostlord <> of The Cyberpunk Revolution (no link, the site is long gone…)
This Combat/Poser gang has been around for 2 years (amazingly). The members of this gang sculpt themselves to look as much like their image of Morgan Blackhand as possible. Most are border-line psychos who believe that by looking like their idol they will become their idol. They are heavily armed and attempt to start fights with any ganger them come across (they claim ALL NightCity as their turf). Their actual stretch of turf is about 8 blocks in the south CZ. The gang has been dealt serious blows by the BloodRazors, The Sacred Blades, Red Chrome Legion, and Warrior Heart. Currently the gang numbers only 45 members, and is facing imminent destruction from their enemies. Recently the Bruisers have been Hanging out next to an abandoned Militech Auto-Factory in the South Cz, they were forced to move last weekend when they wee raided by SWAT, this occurred simultaneously with the raid by Edge-Runners of the Militech facility. It seems the Auto-factory was being used by Bogardin Arms as a covert weapons factory.

Threat Level:B Threat Code:B2C
Tag: Militech Logo in Red Circle
Colors: Militech guns, body armor and tatoos.
Average Member: Int 5, Ref 8, Tech 4, CL 8, Attr 5, MA 5, Body 6, Luck 5, Emp 5
Skills: Melee 6, Handgun 8, Rifle 6, Brawl 7, Intimidate 5, Awareness 5.
Cyberware: Usually body enhancements like grafted muscle, Cyberlimbs with Pop-up guns.

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