Euro-Trash – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure


a short adventure for Cyberpunk by Christian Conkle
Referee’s Introduction:

A few nights ago Gunther Hausmann, an EBM executive and R&D manager, was in town for a convention. While at the Night City Convention Center downtown, he got a little drunk and was persuaded to hire a prostitute named Misty. Misty caught on that the package Hausmann was carrying was very important and very expensive. After passing away into unconsciousness, Misty slipped out with the money and the package: an experimental EBM bioware chip. Her plan is to fence the goods to Queen Bee, a local fixer, take the money and flee with her daughter, Kelly.
Hausmann’s immediate subordinate, Edgar Jaymes, discovered this slip and immediately pounced upon the chance at corporate advancement. He plans on hiring a team of operatives to find the chip and get it to him so that he can humiliate his boss and be the hero. Hausmann has hired his own team of elite solos, however, to retrieve the chip. The two teams will be competing against each other while working for the same company. Continue reading “Euro-Trash – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure”

Coke Madness – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure

Coke Madness

Records of a Game Set in Panama City

compiled by Lucifer (’s a game Ocelot ran a while back, set in Panama City. Players were Joseph Kilcoyne (Galen O’Gara), Adam Luther (Ryan Gross), Amy Luther (Jody Morris), and Brant Clabaugh, as [deleted for security reasons]. See Virtue’s character file for an idea of just how poor everybody was in this game. Millenial Girl Productions contains the programs she wrote during and after the game. Please note that this narrative is entirely from Virtue’s point of view, and as such, some facts may be distorted and/or incorrectly remembered. Continue reading “Coke Madness – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure”

Amnesia! – Cyberpunk2020 Adventure


a Cyberpunk 2020 game run by Gary Astleford ( in November 1994
This was a small game, run with only two players. Neither player knew his/her character’s full stats, just their base attributes. They did not know what skills they had, what they could and couldn’t do, nothing. A few things were obvious – some cyberware, certain disadvantages, and equipment. The following is a summary of my idea for the game, the characters and their full statistics, and a summary of what happened in the end. The idea for this game originally sprang from the movie Surviving The Game, which starred (I believe) Ice-T, Gary Busy, and Rutger Hauer. The John Woo film Hard Target also contributed a little bit, but as I despise the movie a LOT, I have a hard time admitting the fact.THE HUNT IS ON! Continue reading “Amnesia! – Cyberpunk2020 Adventure”