13 thoughts on “Win the new German Cyberpunk 2020 Rulebook”

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  2. Karsten, my dear dear friend, I have no clue what that means, but if necessary I will slaughter an entire busload full of nuns and orphans with a cheesegrater to get my hands on that book……

  3. I’ll second Wisdom000’s comment, but I’d also grate the bus… :) On the off chance I win, I’ll be brushing up on my German reading skills.

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  5. you mean that you are giving that thing away,

    Fich dich, no way you are giving something that sweet and now extremely valuable!?! and if you are… I want it! And we all know, what the Public wants the Public gets… one way or another

  6. @Public:

    I HAVE TO give it away. It was given to me by the publisher just for that – to further public (pun intended) awareness of the book.

  7. Guess I will have to buy a busload (haha) of those books, in case we ever got a nun invasion…

  8. Would love to get the book .. I read a smattering of german and could always get better :)

    And I’m outside germany so a public translation of the post would be great.

  9. He just said, he has got 1 (one!) book from the publisher and is allowed to (has to) give it away in a quiz. He ist just “puzzling” about a unsolvable question.

  10. How do we win the book? My Deutsche ist nicht sehr gut, aber ich motche duetsch lernen und Cyberpunk auch!

  11. @codyvector:

    You are not really supposed to win a book you can’t read. But then at least one person rather obviously babelfished his way through the riddle…

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