Hit Locations

Hit Locations adapted from Fuzion / CyberPunk 3

Author: Hound
Taken with permission from: The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

[Karsten’s Note: I used this table for a while, but now I think its not worth the extra effort. It’s slightly more realistic (and the -6 for headshots is still in use), but having to multiply by 1.5x just takes to much time to make a fight fast – and thus fun to play.]

3d6 Location Damage To Hit
3-5 Head 2x -6
6 Hand �½x -6
7-8 Arm �½x -3
9 Shoulder 1x -3
10-11 Chest 1x -1
12 Stomach 1.5x -3
13 Vitals 1.5x -6
14 Thigh 1x -3
15-16 Leg �½x -4
17-18 Foot �½x -5

These numbers vary from those given in the Fuzion books because I feel the to hit difficulties they gave were not really related to reality, but to game balance. Hands are as easy to hit as arms, even though they are smaller and move around more than the head. Although because of this movement they become easier targets on a random table, they become harder targets to hit specifically. Also the stomach is given a quite hard to-hit number, because it is weaker and easier to damage than the chest, but not because of it’s size and ease to hit. Which of course brings us to…Called Shots. .
The rules for called shots have varied over the years in the Interlock / Fuzion system.

  • CyberPunk 2013 : Called shots to hit locations are at 1/2 normal base [(REF+skill+WA)/2].
  • CyberPunk 2020 : Called shots to hit locations are at a -4 penalty.
  • CyberPunk 3 : Called shots to hit locations are at a variable penalty to hit based on the vulnerability of the location.

In the hit location table above I have included our “balanced” called shot penalties tied in more with the difficulty of hitting a location than with the locations vulnerability to injury. But there is more to a called shot than just firing blindly at someone’s head. Before any called shot can be made, a COOL roll (DIF:12) must be passed. If failed the character can’t hold his cool long enough to concentrate on an aimed shot, and instead fires blindly. Called shots can be made with any weapon at the listed penalty if the firer only fires one shot in that action. If the firer wishes to utilize a semi-automatic weapon with a higher ROF, each called shot gains an additional -3 penalty. 3 round burst weapons can fire called shots as normal, but they do not receive the +3 to hit for burst fire and only the first shot hits the called location, with the second having a 50% chance of hitting the called location, and the third shot must be rolled as normal. Full autofire cannot benefit from called shots.