TPS – A Cyberpunk 2020 Gang


Author: Ghostlord <> of The Cyberpunk Revolution (no link, site long gone).

TPS: Two Party System, is a loser party gang. All members are borderline dorphers and the gang claims no turf. They only barely resemble a real gang, consisting mostly of college dropouts and losers who couldn’t cut it anywhere else. They are nomadic and avoid all other gangs. They are usually found trying to get into some club or other, or trying to find a real party. They real unfortunate fact about this gang is: they will always be around in some form or other.

Threat Level:D Threat Code:E4D
Tag: TPS
Colors: BlueJean Jackets with gold studs.
Average Member: Int 6, Ref 6, Tech 6, CL 5, Attr 7, MA 6, Body 6, Luck 5, Emp 5
Skills: Locate Party 7, Persuasion 4, Locate Drug 3, Brawl 4, Melee 4.
Cyberware: None

Please have a look at Ocelot’s Gang Creation Chart on how to create even more gangs.

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