Knights – A Cyberpunk 2020 Gang


Author: Ghostlord <> of The Cyberpunk Revolution (no link, site long gone).

When the Knights first hit the streets everyone was happy…yet another Guardian Gang to play with thought the boosters: We are saved thought the Civies, then came reality for both, the Knights though they claim turf and keep it protected, they do so because they want exclusive Party rights to the area. Thats right a Guardian/Party Gang for the New Age. Aside from their tenacity for “drink and skirt”, and their iron grip on gang activity in their home turf, there is little of interest to say of this gang.

Threat Level:B Threat Code:B3B
Tag: Black “K” on a Keg
Colors: Grey bandanas around head.
Average Member: Int 6, Ref 7, Tech 6, Attr 5, Cool 6, Bod 8, MA 5, Emp 6.
Skills: Intimidate 5, Brawl 7, Melee 6, Handgun 7, SMG 4, Locate Party 7, Awareness 6.
Cyberware: Varies, almost all have some cyberware, but usually NO Bio-Wares.

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