The Throwbacks – A Cyberpunk 2020 Gang

The Throwbacks

Author: John (“Thud”) Gardner <>

This is an exotic gang that goes in for the “Neanderthal” and “Cro-Magnon” look, and pays for the biosculpt jobs that re-make their features so.

Their favored weapons include clubs and spears, and their cyberware tends to be pretty minimal – if there is any, it’s usually internal and not visible.

However, muscle graft jobs are often desirable, and their mode of dress usually involves artificial animal skins, although the higher-ups in the gang are either able to afford real skin or have gone out and caught their own (sometimes from the local zoo).

They are fond of doing the occasional intimidation of passersby for cash, and their tendency to behave according to the popular stereotypes of “cavemen” doesn’t improve their popularity with the locals (not to mention the police!).

Average Member: Int 5, Ref 8, Tech 2, CL 7, Attr 4, MA 7, Body 9, Luck 5, Emp 4

Skills: Melee 6, Athletics 5, Awareness 6, Intimidate 5, Strength Feat 3, Endurance 4, Hide/Evade 3, Shadow/Track 3, Wilderness Survival 2. Some of the gang higher-ups carry bows, having an Archery skill of 3. However, their bows tend to be crude hand-made models, and thus have a WA of -2.

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