Desktop Tower Defence

I just beat my own record by almost 300 Points. And nobody is prepared to challenge me at Desktop Tower Defence? Coz you never tried? Here’s the link to the game, and here to the cpunks group to let the game enter your score in to show me that you can play, too. Or can you?

Update: The group is now closed. To beat me, you need to score more then 6293 points.

Where is Cyberpunk 2020 played?

Obviously, still quite a lot of you guys from the state play. Its not really surprising that a lot of my fellow Germans visit the site, being one of the few with German content. But Scandinavia, Indonesia and Australia are also among my visitors, as well as a few tough punks from Arabia.

A warm welcome to all of you!

Yes, I trace you back to your cyberdeck, what did you think? If you ain’t paranoid enough to use TOR, Privoxy and still have cookies and Javascript enabled, its your own fault. Quite a lot of you don’t.