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Wann kommt das neue deutsche Cyberpunk 2020?

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Das neue Cyberpunk 2020 RegelwerkBei den Blutschwertern wird heftig gerätselt, wobei der eine oder andere Diskutant offenbar über Insiderwissen verfügt.

Games-In selbst wirbt schon ganz massiv auf der Website und kündigt an, dass Werk sei im Druck. Preis oder Vorbestellmöglichkeit habe ich aber nicht entdecken können. Das ist seltsam, den bei Druckbeginn sollten die Kalkulationsgrundlagen so langsam mal feststehen.

Auf der Cyberpunk 2020 Seite von Games In ist zudem ein missglücktes Karussell (oder soll es eine Revolvertrommel sein? HÄßLICH! Und auch noch Flash – bäh.) mit kostenlosen Downloads zu finden. Dabei handelt es sich allerdings nur um Charakterbögen / Datenfestungsbögen / ACPA-Bögen usw. – der Charakterbogen (versteckt als Charakter HC) ist aber ganz ansehnlich geworden.

Das Drucken des GRW kann zugegebenermaßen dauern. Aber im Mai das neue Buch – wäre super. Warum darf ich nicht vorbestellen? Bei wissenschaftlichen Fachbüchern geht das oft schon, bevor der Autor überhaupt ein Manuskript abgegeben hat!

Naja, wenn nur endlich erscheint… Rabenaas hats dann bestimmt wieder vor mir besprochen, aber selbst dass kann meiner Freude dann keinen Abbruch mehr tun.

Cyberpunk is dead? Haha. Danke Games-In.

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May 7th, 2008 at 2:38 pm

Copy Protection in Cyberpunk 2020

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by Amy Luther

“Anti-IC and Anti-Personnel programs cannot be Backup-copied; they have special copy-protection routines that erase the chip in the copy process. This makes sure you come back to your friendly local fixer for a new copy of Hellhound when yours crashes. You can make a copy using your Programming Skill against a Task Difficulty of 28.”
(from the Cyberpunk 2020 Rulebook)

In our games, we assume that the copy-protection routine referred to in the CP2020 rulebook prevents copies from being made. When you roll versus a difficulty 28 to make a copy, you are effectively cracking this section of the program. From then on, the program is cracked, and you may make a copy of it.

Copying Made Easy


(Anti-IC, STR 6, MU 4, GM’s decision as to cost and availability)

Ditto deactivates the copy protection routine of a target Anti-IC or Anti-Personnel program. It is run against the target program and an opposed roll is made: Ditto’s STR + 1d10 versus the target program’s STR + 1d10. If Ditto wins, the string which prevents copying in the target program is stripped, and it may be copied freely with the COPY function on the Menu. This may affect its stability; on a 1 or 2 on a d6 roll, the target fries itself, and no copy can be made. The copies which result are cracked copies and are somewhat corrupted. Whenever run, they will crash and de-rez on a roll of 1 or 2 on a d6. ICON – If run in the net, Ditto breaks up the IC into a million glowing bits, then reforms it. If the program crashes, the bits simply spin away into the net without reforming.

Other Avenues

Programs bought from legitimate sources (i.e., not your local fixer) may come with codes, allowing the corporate buyer to make backup copies, or even fully-enabled copies which can be run anywhere. This option would naturally be very expensive and might explain why Anti-Personnel programs cost so much.

Other options are a licensing/registration process, in which a purchaser (probably a corporation) pays a fee upon purchasing the program which guarantees a set number of copies of a given program from the manufacturer. This fee could be renewed annually, or simply paid whenever one of the corp’s copies gets zapped by an intruding netrunner.

This opens up another avenue for netrunning. Runners could raid programming houses for anti-personnel codes for sale or distribution, or could steal the corporate’s license, then get free copies from the house while the corporation foots the bill.

We’re also working on black IC companies… after all, somebody’s got to have a license to program and sell this stuff, right?

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May 5th, 2008 at 2:01 pm