For your Cyb3rpunk inspiration

Cyb3rpunk is an all-new setting idea for Cyberpunk that you can find here on but that (unfortunately) hasn’t been translated into English (yet).

Cyb3rpunk takes the timeline and events offered in the Stormfront books and CyberGeneration (and Hardwired, too) and combines elements from all three with an “updated dystopian future projection” from our current point-of-view (abandoning the classic “Eighties” attitude in CP2020). The game is placed somewhere in 2035+.

Anyway, for all gamemasters playing “revamped”/reloaded CP2020 games, here’s an inspiration on what future cars may look like.

[youtube Tev-ckUnqIw]

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Best of CES 2007

Ein paar CES (Customer Electronics Show) Tech-Fundstücke aus der, zum Inspirieren eurer CP2020-Games:

Ein sehr abgefahrenes Uhrentelefon mit nice animierten Menüs:
[youtube ua7nK91d3SM]

Ultraflacher SONY Bildschirm – nur noch so dick wie 3 Kreditkarten:[youtube FTEt5o_jt30]

Endlich: SHADES! Sonnenbrillen mit eingebautem Videodisplay!!!: [youtube DAnbzUPCEFs]

Greetings vom Raben-AAS + Goodie

Danke an Karsten für die Blumen und für die Einladung, hier mitbloggen zu dürfen.

Ein Werbehinweis in eigener Sache: Mein Cyberpunk d6 Projekt auf Basis von Cyb3rpunk, Infos zu meinem Shadowrun Projekt und weiteren -äh- Kram findet ihr hier:

Als Start ins neue Jahr hab ich aber diese beiden Goodies hier mitgebracht, die – ich wiederhole mich, und werde dies noch sehr häufig tun – erstens beweist, dass Cyberpunk HEUTE ist, und die zweitens eine Inspiration für Cyberpunk-Settings aller Art (aber besonders Cyb3rpunk) sind:

[youtube iaKehq6qsdY]

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New free Cyberpunk 2020 Sourcebook

Deric Bernier (and his helpers) managed to publish an impressive online cyberpunk 2020 Sourcebook for South and Central America, Conflict II.

It’s great! Everything you need to know to run adventures in the jungles of the Americas,

I’m most impressed with the amazing detail of the sourcebook, the lifepath and they even thought of random encounter tables to help the GM with slow moments! From Derics “advertising”:

Well folks, I am pleased to announce, THE CURSE IS BROKEN. After exactly 361 days of work, and a collaborative effort of 6 writers, and 20 other contributors, Conflict II: The Central And South American sourcebook. That’s right, from the only site that could possibly do it justice, the long awaited project is finally finished and available to you. Detailing every country in the region, the people, the resources, the wildlife, travel, and more, the Sourcebook also sets the stage for the Third South American War. With full descriptions of all the major armed forces involved including detailed weapon and equipment lists for the U.S., EDF, Neo-Soviet, Chinese, Mexican, Militech, Arasaka, Argentina, Chile, ICMF, and the South American Alliance armed forces. It also contains information on the Media presence covering the conflict as well as a more detailed look at the previous wars and a Journal of the Long Walk. There are even Lifepath charts and Random Encounter tables to make the experience complete. More than just a sequel to Conflict: Africa, this sourcebook is twice the size and much more detailed and comprehensive.

Link: Conflict II: Sourcebook for South and Central America.

Electorthermal Weapons in Cyberpunk 2020


Author: unknown.

These weapons are very unrealistic and overpowered. The default rules don’t talk about the many disadvantages of such weapons. Will all know that an electrothermal upgrade can only be preformed on a gun that fires cased shells. While the increase in firepower is considerable, the large list of disadvantages may make you think twice about using such weapons.


Think about it, using plasma to fire a copper cased shell is not by any means smart. The copper casing ejects from the side of the gun through the sliding action. These casings are extremely hot and can burn your skin. Even normal casings can burn you if you catch them, but with electrothermal casings the chances of starting fires and such are greatly increased. Burning your hand on a casing inflicts 1 point for a normal casing and 1d6/2 for a electrothermal casing. There is also a 15% chance that a hot casing will start a fire if it lands on something flammable. Continue reading “Electorthermal Weapons in Cyberpunk 2020”

Cyberware: iSpy

Im Blutschwerter-Forum fand ich diese fantastische Idee, um den zunehmenden Überwachungswahn in einem Dark-Future Rollenspiel wie Cyberpunk 2020 vernünftig unterbringen zu können. Raben-AAS hat auch sonst eine große Leistung mit der Aktualisierung der Spielwelt erbracht, die man in dem Thread nachlesen kann.

*iSpy: Das Keé ist ein extrem populärer, aus dem Alltag kaum wegzudenkender Gegenstand der Unterhaltungselektronik. Es handelt sich dabei um eine Art Verbindung aus Cyclops Display (vor dem Auge getragener, durchsichtiger Flüssigkristall-Bildschirm, in den Infos eingeblendet werden), V-Connect (Anschlusstelle für ggf. unter der Haut implantierter Interface-Systeme), Handy und MP3-Player (mit Earset). Keés sind stylish, in verschiedenen Designs erhältlich und trotz ihrer immensen technischen Leistungen absolut bezahlbar (oder kostenlos), da sie von den Unternehmen gesponsored werden. Continue reading “Cyberware: iSpy”

First time on Karsten's: Guns!


Author: unknown.

Need new ideas… ?




Ikari Razor Glove

MEL 0 P C 1D6/2 n/a n/a 50eb

This is a simple, Freddy Krueger-esque glove equipped with Scratchers or Rippers. The Ripper version costs 50eb more, has a Con. of Jacket, does 1D6+3 damage, and reduces REF checks with that hand by -3 due to reinforced finger joints. Neither version can be used for punching, as the blades on the fingers make it impossible to clench the hand. Continue reading “First time on Karsten's: Guns!”

Automatic Drug Generator

The result looks like this:


Drug Effects:
Attribute Increase: + 5 REF

Untimed Side Effects:
Slightly Physiologically Addictive
Slightly Psychologically Addictive

Drug Features:
Longer Duration

Timed Side Effects:
Bloodshot Eyes

Strength: +5
Difficulty: 72
Duration: Long
(1d10 hours)
Legality: by Prescription Only
Drug Form: Pill/Tablet
Time to Effect: 2d6x10 min
Purchase Price: 180

Night-Flyer has a cool Javascript Drug Generator to easily create drugs using Ocelots Drug Lab 101.

Great Work, Night-Flyer!

An old favorite rediscovered: Dan's Total System Technologies

I couldn’t find it on google at first, but now I rediscoved the link. The site is full of goodies and looks plain awful. Updated till 2004 Dan made some really cool stuff:

Snake Eye Patch
The original Snake Plissken had something happen to his left eye and consequently wore an eye patch. So you want the same look without sacrificing your depth perception. This we can do. With the Snake Eye Patch we make the fabric so you can see through it but other people can’t see through the other way.
But we don’t stop there. We also add a Times Square Plus and Targeting Scope HUD in the Patch so you’re enhanced while looking like your disabled. What about connecting it to a computer or your gun I hear you ask, well the connecting cables are part of the string that holds the patch in place so they won’t know that your enhanced.
Also available without HUD.
Cost: 1,000eb

For those who remember Snake Plissken in “Escape from New York”, he converted all the equipment from that movie to Cyberpunk 2020. He also has full borgs, cyberware, guns, huge amounts of vehicles and all kind of stuff