An old favorite rediscovered: Dan's Total System Technologies

I couldn’t find it on google at first, but now I rediscoved the link. The site is full of goodies and looks plain awful. Updated till 2004 Dan made some really cool stuff:

Snake Eye Patch
The original Snake Plissken had something happen to his left eye and consequently wore an eye patch. So you want the same look without sacrificing your depth perception. This we can do. With the Snake Eye Patch we make the fabric so you can see through it but other people can’t see through the other way.
But we don’t stop there. We also add a Times Square Plus and Targeting Scope HUD in the Patch so you’re enhanced while looking like your disabled. What about connecting it to a computer or your gun I hear you ask, well the connecting cables are part of the string that holds the patch in place so they won’t know that your enhanced.
Also available without HUD.
Cost: 1,000eb

For those who remember Snake Plissken in “Escape from New York”, he converted all the equipment from that movie to Cyberpunk 2020. He also has full borgs, cyberware, guns, huge amounts of vehicles and all kind of stuff

Aussie BioExotics for Cyberpunk 2020

Aussie BioExotics for Cyberpunk 2020

Author: Daniel Radford who published this first Total System Technologies. Published with permission.

[The following article deals with the possibility to alter an human body so far it has animal characteristics. The Chromebooks include several examples. Here are the rules for some Australian animals to convert into. Have fun.]

With most exotics being based upon american style animals designed by american biotechnicians the so called ‘standard’ BioexoticsTM are becoming predictable and the range becoming stagnant.
To counter this a BiotechnicaTM approved Biomedtech, with the help of a few of his friends from other countries, has released the first of an ongoing line of BioexoticsTM. Based on Australian animals the first is called Aussie Exotics.

With fur in colors from pure white, to cream, to tan, to red-brown the Cuscus is a tree dwelling marsupial with a long naked tail that easily coils up like a spring. The face is dominated by large round eyes (with cat-like vertical slit), and a wrinkled, fleshy nose. No visible ears. Body is sleek and smooth.Major Facial Modification, Short Muzzle, Retractable Claws, Fur Skinchange, Digitigrade legs, Tail (muscled, prehensile), Prehensile Feet, Olifactory Boost, Nightvision

(Click for full sized image)

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Movie of a real live Cyberarm – Cyberpunk Tech 6


“The antique arm whined as he reached for another mug. It was a Russian military prosthesis, a seven-function force-feedback manipulator, cased in grubby pink plastic.”
— William Gibson, Neuromancer

Festo, a german corp, has a movie of a really cool hydraulic cyberarm on their site. Its so cool I want one. The movie indicates that the arm has enough tactile response to write on a touchscreen.


I found the link on lo-fi-samurai’s blog, which is very worth the time you spend there. He was the one I stole both the link and the quote from – I only added William Gibsons name and the title of the book.

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Behold The New Flesh – Bioware for Cyberpunk 2020

Behold The New Flesh

[Bioware is very much like Cyberware, only its just flesh. It can enhance your body, but never runs out of batteries…]

Author: Morninman


Brain and Nervous System Bioware
Circulatory System Bioware
Digestive System Bioware
Muscular/Skeletal System Bioware
Dermal Bioware
Exotic Modifications
Personal Bioweapons

Brain and Nervous System Bioware

“It was spooky. When we finally opened the door the room was totally dark except for the strobing light from flatscreen panels surrounding the terminals. The panels just kept flipping from one display to another … flip, flip, flip … really fast. I was a little disoriented, so it took me a second or two to realize someone was sitting at the terminals. Kids. A dozen of ’em, and they couldn’t have been more than six, maybe seven years old. They just ignored us and stared at the screens.What was left of their instructor was stuck in a closet in the back of the room. They’d tied him up and gone over him with soldering lasers. And his eyes, they were…never mind.

I knew they were smart, that’s why ConGen was paying us to get one, but whatever they did to up their IQ’s messed up something in their heads. When we delivered ’em all to the drop-off point the troops in the aerodyne jumped out and put restraints on the little monsters before they loaded ’em onboard. If I knew then what I know now I’d have lined them up and put a round right between those big, staring eyes. Would’ve saved them, and the rest of us, a lot of suffering.”

– Lt. Jason Mgabi, “Fireflash” mercenary cadre

ConGen Neural Bridge

Trust in ConGen to give you a hand…literally! This handy little bit of bioware is a bundle of cultivated nerve tissue that links the motor coordination areas of both sides of the brain to make the subject ambidextrous. You’ll be the envy of your fellow edgerunners as you stun the competition with moves they’d never expect.Type: Neural Bridge
Cost: $500
HC: 2
Surgery Code: Major

Effect: Tasks can be performed using either hand without penalty, but the standard -3 penalty does apply when trying to perform a task with each hand at the same time. For four weeks after implantation any skill use using the former “off” hand will be at half level until the subject adjusts to the new neural pathways. Continue reading “Behold The New Flesh – Bioware for Cyberpunk 2020”

Artificial Sweat Glands

I love this piece of cyberware from Mockery‘s

Artificial Sweat Glands� � (350eb)

“I just can’t get close to a man if he smells…”

Never use deodorant sticks or cologne again! Nanoids designed to rebuild your sweat glands are injected into your body. The structure of your pores and sweat glands is altered, enabling them to produce a sterile, cologne-like substance that is anything but offensive. How would you like to sweat your favorite cologne or perfume? Many options are availiable, including most designer fragrances, as well as simple odors (baby powder, floral, or spice, to name a few). Raise your hand if you’re sure! HC = 1 pt. Surgery Code = N. ID Code = ASG.

New Cyberware for Cyberpunk 2020

New Cyberware for Cyberpunk 2020

[The following article contains 4 new pieces of cyberware.]

Author: unknown.

Gastric Pouch (400eb)

This is a small reinforced pouch placed above the stomach. It is not connected to the stomach, however; the pouch opening is through an artificial sphincter connected to the esophagus just below the epiglottis. Characters with this implant can swallow small items, like chips, bullets, gems, drugs, etc. and direct them to the gastric pouch rather than to the stomach, spitting them up later for use. The pouch is reinforced (SP 2), but it is unwise to swallow anything Continue reading “New Cyberware for Cyberpunk 2020”

Two New Full Body Conversions for Cyberpunk 2020

Unified Cybernetic Systems – Full Body Conversions for Cyberpunk 2020

[The following article details 2 new full conversion borgs, the ultimate in cyberware. Basically you just keep your brain and part of the spine. Everything else is replaced by metal. The rules governing full borgs are to be found in the Chromebooks]

Author: unknown

The Mentat (225,400 eb)

The Mentat is not so much a piece of cyberware, as it is a complete suite of coordinated cybernetic implants designed with the express purpose of boosting the user’s ability to gather, assimilate and analyze information.First, the user has a double size chipware socket grafted onto the back of their heads. This socket also has six interface plugs on it. Then they are given an injection of nanites, which immediately set about rewiring the user’s brain and nervous system. Paralysis results almost immediatey as a safety measure and the user is kept on life support for the next two weeks while the nanites construct a pair of high-density memory Continue reading “Two New Full Body Conversions for Cyberpunk 2020”

SMART COSMETICS for Cyberpunk 2020

SMART COSMETICS for Cyberpunk 2020

[The following article details some cosmetic products with a high tech factor. A good moodsetting device for a game set in the future. I just corrected some typos.]

Author: unknown.

Smart cosmetics are a hot new item in the beauty salons of the world. At the moment Cybercosmetica dominates this market but smaller competitors are starting to emerge with high-tech products.

Cybercosmetica PerfectTone Cream

This product utilises glass bead technology to bend the light as it hits the face, allowing those with damaged or discoloured skin to create the illusion of perfect skin tone in 3D. 100EB a pot (10 uses). This product allows characters whose attractiveness has been reduced by damage to the face to restore their previous attractiveness rating on a simple Disguise roll. Continue reading “SMART COSMETICS for Cyberpunk 2020”

Discount Cyber Shop for Cyberpunk 2020

Author: Gary Astleford, first posted to Mockery’s Cyberpunk 2020 Page

[This article deals with older/defect cyberware, which is on the other hand cheaper. Great for a gutterpunk / losers game or Characters short on money.]

Hey there, chombatta. Come on in, take a look around. I know, you’re used to the top-of-the-line, the creme de la creme, the chillest tech and the hottest cyb. That’s not what I deal in, though. That’s not my biz. I can give you what you want for as cheap as you want it, though it ain’t gonna run as good as the stuff you could get in that on-the-mall clinic. Then again, if you had the money for that place, you wouldn’t be here, would ya..?


Cyberware’s expensive stuff, and if you want the Edge, you gotta be chipped in, wired up, and turned on. You think the world’s gonna stop just ’cause you can’t afford that orbital crystal cyberarm? I sell stuff made in third world nations by companies that no longer exist. Some of it’s military surplus. The rest of the stuff here got recalled a few years ago due to defects. Sure, none of the defects are TOO bad. Nothing you can’t live with. So what do you say? Continue reading “Discount Cyber Shop for Cyberpunk 2020”