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Redefining the Media Role in Cyberpunk 2020

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While fiddling with the finetuning of the new page, I was wondering how blogging and other new ways to publish stuff would affect playing a Cyberpunk Media today.

Media was never a really popular choice in our games, because you were dependend on an publisher. You needed the space in a screamsheet or some time on the telly to tell your truth to the public . But it was usually rather hard to pass some dirty truth past the eyes of an editor-in-chief, especially if you wanted to go life nationwide.

But now there is blogging. During the G8-Summit german bloggers showed that they could transport news faster then classic media and correct errors the big networks made. This replaces newspapers. Podcasting replaces the radio. Now Indiskretion Ehrensache (a german blog) showed us that you can even do your own television show on the internet, without big money or an editor behind you.

So the Media has three ways to bring his message across:

  1. hack a satellite link
  2. sell your story to the big money
  3. move public attention to your blog/podcast/internet tv show

1. is the most classic netrun of the genre, almost boring. Can involve a techie
2. may or may not work, could involve a fixer or corporate
3. Again a netruner might be helpful

Anyway, it gives the media much more choice, loads of fresh new adventure ideas and a creditable background for him/her to hang with other ‘punks instead of brownnosing his editor-in-chief…

Written by cyberpunk2020

July 23rd, 2007 at 8:50 pm