Yet Another Drug Creation System for Cyberpunk 2020

Yet Another Drug Creation System

This set of rule allows you to create new and interesting drugs to use in your cyberpunk 2020 game. Compare Ocelots System for another way to create drugs.

Author: Hound, with kind permission from The Blackhammer CyberPunk Project

Drug Manufacturing & Effects

Please remember that these rules were written with Grimm’s Cybertales in mind, which include quite alternate rules for CyberPsychosis using four sub-types of humanity loss. Any references to Egotism, Paranoia, Alienation and Obsession should be replaced with straight Humanity Loss (temp or permanent depending on what kind of effect) for those not playing with these rules.

Dosages, Overdoses & Drug Strength

When taking a drug, a person can increase the drugs effects by taking multiple doses, the second dose will increase the effects of the drug by 50%, further doses will have no further effect.

A drug’s strength indicates how much of a drug is required to cause an overdose; if a character ever takes enough doses of a drug x the drug’s strength to equal or exceed 30, then an overdose has occured. Roll d100 and add the drug’s strength to the roll, then consult the Overdose Table: Continue reading “Yet Another Drug Creation System for Cyberpunk 2020”

Drug Quality Chart for Cyberpunk 2020

Drug Quality Chart for Cyberpunk 2020

Author: Gary Astleford (
This chart is intended to reflect the uncertainty of acquiring an illegal drug on the street. When you’re stealing your fix directly from the corporation which created it, you don’t worry about quality, but when you’re doing a deal with a guy named “Ripperjack” in the alley behind Jesse James’ Non-Kosher Deli, you might not be getting what you paid for.

Depending on how you play Cyberpunk, you may use either Streetdeal or Streetwise to attempt an illegal drug purchase. The difficulty depends on the drug and circumstances of the deal, and is up to the GM to determine. Check the amount the player made the roll by against the following chart: Continue reading “Drug Quality Chart for Cyberpunk 2020”