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Hello and welcome to this month’s edition of streetstyle – the attitude guide that yo can’t afford to miss. We here at global style watch the trends. And ask the street: What’s hot? What’s not?

Digittoos – Artificial-looking body alterations are out. Leave those to the sad sods who still rant on about the glorious days when they were “Cyberpunks” in the 2020ies. Today’s look is all about self-evolution. About making a statement of progress right in Darwin’s wrinkled face. At first, I was a little surprised when I discovered that even “old” technologies like Philips’ Electronic Tattoos are now all the rage in the clubs. But like it is often the case with “revamped” tech, it’s not the tech that counts, it’s the style.
[youtube fW0BZsOcZZE]

At the time of its first conception, the Electronic Tattoo was limited by the technological possibilities. So you didn’t have all those flashy things, screaming neon brand logos or whatever. Now we can have all the Urban Flash stuff we want. And we are fed up with it. To the hilt. Modern Digittoo design is not about more colors, more luminiscence, more effects. It’s the ancient, asian art of understatement that sets the tone. And delivers the message that YOU are “more sine than shine”* as they say in the Eurotheatre. [Digittoo Emotive Skin Implant – HL 0.1 (can be reduced to 0 by 2 braindance sessions in any public BD booth (20 eb) – 50 eb.]

Sweattoos – Maybe you are more the athletic type. One of those NuParkour guys, or a Cyberathlete. Or just someone who likes to sweat – preferably while “having intercourse”. U-Genix offers you the latest in Athletic Body Alteration: A “living” tattoo that reacts not to touch or emotion, but to the physical characteristics of your body. Apart from the more “common” stuff (like body pics that throb in the rhythm of your heart) I have found one rather neat design: A bioluminiscent nano-treatment that enables a chemical process to “evaporate” sweat to generate micro-electric currents that then fuel the light coming from bioluminiscent cells implanted into your skin. The nice twist being that the nanites are trying to “harvest” energy in the most efficient manner, thereby not only producing glowing patterns in a fashion no one but your your body has “designed”, but reducing moisture and unwanted smell by about 45%. [Sweattoo Nanite Treatment & Cell Implant – HL 0.1 (can be reduced to 0 by 2 braindance sessions in any public BD booth (20 eb) – 250 eb.]

*remark for 2008+ readers: The German saying actually goes “Mehr Schein als Sein” (more appearance than reality = someone or something that seems to be a huge success or big thing, when in reality there isn’t much to it). “More sine than shine” not only reverses the meaning (to: more reality than appearance, but also is spelled “wrong” – or rather: the language has evolved. Just like it always does…

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