Expanded Hit Location Chart for Cyberpunk 2020


Author: unknown.

It’s easy! Just roll 2 dice, one for the main location and one for the sub-location. This is a much more realistic hit location chart. Leg shots, are less common (original they had a 40% percent of being hit), and torso shots are more common (just like real life).

[Karsten’s Note: I tried this out – it slows down play AND gives you the problem that you need to be much more detailed about what your armor protects. Covers Skinweave your eyes? If so, even when they are opened? Are your most private parts skinweaved? Would that work? If you stay realistic here, skinweave would probably NOT protect eyes, groin, and joints. This rule makes chars much more easy to kill. And having to look up stuff in the larger table slows down play.]

(0) Head (1-5) Torso (6) Right Arm (7) Left Arm (8) Right Leg (9) Left Leg
0 Mouth 1-4 Chest 1 Shoulder 1 Shoulder 0 Hip 0 Hip
1-3 Skull 5-7 Stomach 2-4 Upper Arm 2-4 Upper Arm 1-5 Thigh 1-5 Thigh
4-5 Eyes 8 Left Hip 5 Elbow 5 Elbow 6 Knee 6 Knee
6-8 Face 9 Groin 6-8 Forearm 6-8 Forearm 7-8 Shin 7-8 Shin
9 Throat 0 Right Hip 9-0 Hand 9-0 Hand 9 Foot 9 Foot