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From Neon Twilight, modified by me in way not to violate modern day corps namerights.

Welcome to C’s Corporation Guide Database. In this download you will find our 2019 Year in Review, with notes on which Corporations are to watch, and which are to watch out for! 2019 was an interesting year in the Corp Sector, with IBM director Kurt Muller indicted in the tissue resampling scandal in May of 2019, and Tokyo bad boy Tokei accused of murdering his father, the head of Sentai Cybernetics. But 2019 also showed great developments as House Act 21300 passed through EEC Congress January 4th, and Tax Exemption Disclaimer 81/4 was passed unaminously on the Crystal Palace Lunar Province just this November. We are looking forward to another wonderfully unpredictable new year.
– Carlton Hedgeworth & Yukiko Tanaka, C Magazine Finacial Editors (4/08/20)


[Logo missing] EUROPEAN BUSINESS MACHINES controls the world’s largest market share of high tech manufacturing, was involved in the greatest free market hostile takeover in history where master raider Kurt Muller aquired many of the companies that now make up IBM’s backbone of manufacturing.
ZETATECH got its start in the late 2000’s, upon recieving a government contract for a luctrative database sysytem. Currently Zetatech is expanding overseas, and investing heavily to build capital, all of which make it a prime target for hostile takeover.
[Logo missing] Network 54, was broken off a mayor Broadcasting company when that corporation faced monopoly charges in the early 2000’s, and instantly diversified into several news providers, on-line services, and video-on-demand brokers.
ORBITAL AIR has an almost complete monopoly over commercial orbital lifting capabilities, and is a world leader in orbital technology. Expect their position to be cemented with the introduction of the Model 10 orbital workshack this season.
MICROTECH formed when Moon Macrosystems was aquired by EBM. Microtech floudered until Craig’s disastrous T-80 chip malfunction of 2003, wherein all of the EuroSpace Agency’s computers where switched over to the newer Microtech mainframe systems. Although Craig has recovered, Microtech maintains a firm grasp of the mainframe market share, having introduced the Quicksilver Net Server in January this year.
DuPONT/MONSANTO merged in the late 1990s and created the answer to the world’s fuel crisis, CHOOH2, a complex grain alcohol produced by genetically manipulated yeast and wheat strains. DuPont/Monsanto eventually licensed their CHOOH2 production to several large agribusinesses and petrochemical companies, making them one of the wealthiest corporations in Europe. They now concentrate on genetically engineered foods and commercial bioware products for the personal beauty market, including the patented Kalvin Clein subdermal perfumery.
MERRIL, LYNCH & ASUKAGA represent the world’s wealthiest investors with their diverse portfolios, numerous banks, and high caliber financial advice. Specializing the management of high income-low recognition accounts.
WORLD NEWS SERVICE contracts various freelance reporters, photographers, cameramen, and anchorpersons for world-wide news coverage, which it packages and sells to news stations on a subscription basis.
[Logo missing] ETTON undoubtedly the largest of the old boy oil networks, Etton now produces a variant of CHOOH2, and searches for a new synthetic plastic base to entirely replace waning petroleum products.
TRAUMA TEAM owned wholly by Humana, Inc. TraumaTeam provides emergency medical services in several major urban markets, on a contract subscriber basis. In some cities, TraumaTeams have completely replaced city-managed paramedical teams.
MATSUSHITA INDUSTRIAL was even by the 1990s a diverse multinational corporation and is now even more so, owning Arasaka Security, Setsuko, Panasonic, three banks, several steel manufacturers, and many thousands of small companies, from record studios to bioware providers in Europe.
ARES rising from a relatively obscure government weapons contractor to the leading provider of small arms for the United States and foreign interests has earned this company the ire of many.
GENETECH is still the largest single biotechnology firm in the world, manufacturing and licensing a diverse group of bioware and nanotech products. Several divisions have been implicated in some of the many cases of rampant industrial espionage that plagues this field.
KIROSHI known best for their top quality optics, Kiroshi created the first cybernetic interface plugs and purchased Life Vision in 2011 to create its optical division. Kiroshi now dabbles in many forms of cybernetics, but specializes in various opticals, including the best selling Anne Klein series, which premiered in 2019 in the movie ‘Shout To The Stars.’
MEDTRONIC manufacturer of the original “Enable” cybernetic prosthetic limbs in 2005, now manufactures and distributes the majority of all cybernetic limbs and internal systems (chipware processors and feedback subsystems) in the US, and has contracts with the larger Eurpean and Japanese firms.

Disclaimer: As far as I know the listed corporations are fictional. If they are NOT fictional, I deduced that they agreed with the use of their names in the fictional world of Cyberpunk 2020, since this article refers to that world, detailed in the Cyberpunk 2020 Rulebook, Second Edition, R. Talsorian Games, ISBN 0-937-279-13-7. Nothing here is intended to dispute rights of any kind. I’m ready to remove any content violating rights.

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