Freaks and Fools – A Cyberpunk 2020 Gang

Freaks and Fools

Author: Ghostlord <> of “The Cyberpunk Revolution” (no link, site long gone).

By far the weirdest gang in all of NightCity. These posers are truly unique, members are either sculpted to look like old flat-vid horror characters, or exotics. Their only turf is the sewers and tunnels beneath the city, and they are very good at finding their way through these. Most members are armed only with melee weapons or implants (machetes: Jasons, Rippers: Freddies, Kitchen knives: Michaels, etc…). The gangs actual activities are a mystery, however one thing is known they are all cannibals (CHUDs). Their leader is known as Garou and is sculpted to look like a Werewolf.

Threat Level:C Threat Code:B3C
Tag: Human Entrails draped over something.
Colors: Red/Brown Tabard
Average Member: Int 5, Ref 5-9, Tech 4, CL 6, Attr 2, MA 8, Body 7, Luck 6, Emp 2
Skills: Melee 9, Brawl 8, Intimidate 6, Tunnel Nav 6, Act 5, Stealth 6.
Cyberware: Varies usually an Exotic package and/or cyber weapons.

Please have a look at Ocelot’s Gang Creation Chart on how to create even more gangs.